Best of Our Blogs: July 24, 2018

Hey there. As I write this, it’s my birthday. For any of you celebrating your birthday today or this month, “Happy Birthday too!”

Every year, I lose a little bit of that magic. You know the way a five year-old counts every day until B-day with excitement and enthusiasm? To see my own son’s face light up on his special day reminds me of how time can remove that sense of joy.

While the years bring changes, loss, and greater challenges, I’m committed to returning to that sense of anticipation I had as a child. More importantly, I’m intent on practicing gratitude instead of expectation.

Yes, I’m more tired. I take longer to recover from a hike, and I’ve collected more chronic illnesses as I’ve gotten older. But I’m grateful to be here, writing this, and having the opportunity still to right wrongs, become wiser, and transform into the person I’ve always wanted to be.

Friendship Remedy For The Emotionally Neglected
(Childhood Emotional Neglect) – You’re a giver in your relationships. But if you find that your friends don’t return the favor, you could be suffering from emotional neglect. Here’s the remedy.

My Journey in Mindfulness and Meditation
(The Exhausted Woman) – This is what mindfulness looks like in the life of a therapist.

Do You Regularly Stay Silent to Avoid Conflict?
(Weightless) – If you’ve ever stayed quiet in an effort to avoid the discomfort of conflict, this post is for you.

The good, Good, GOOD Narcissist
(Narcissism Meets Normalcy) – It’s the reason why narcissists need to be, “good,” and why this often results in them behaving badly.

3 Reasons Your Life Will Improve By Developing a Generosity Mindset
(Reaching Life Goals) – Do these three things and you’ll watch your life improve.

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