Marketing Your Business Offline – Part 3

Here we are on Part 3 which I’m writing this on New Year’s Eve Eve!! Start out 2019 using a couple of these tips below.

1. Call the local small business(es) to see if you can offer a discount or special price cuts to their employees. Businesses are constantly trying to find an exclusive product or service to offer their employees from the neighborhood or bordering neighborhood.

2. Small home town newspapers! There’s not a great amount of feedback when a large city paper advertises, nevertheless … with the small-town papers you can usually get a fantastic response.

If you are going to do any kind of paper advertising and marketing, inquire about putting your advertisements on web pages that the paper targets to the individuals most likely to purchase from you.

3. Obtain an inexpensive exterior banner printed with your organization’s info on it. You can typically obtain them for around $55 or less depending who makes it.

You can have these banners put up at outside music/concert events, displayed at kids’ events such as soccer games or football games as well as adult sporting activities.
Look in to community block parties and events, the circus, your state fairs, and so on

4. Take your business on the road when travelling. Call town parks & recreation centers to see what their schedule of events are and inquire about setting up a display table.

This is a wonderful means to network & market your service to those in your area.

5. Neighborhood clipper coupon packs & sales flyer mailings. Many areas have mailings such as these; call them to see exactly how you can get involved and also promote your service.

6. Call area companies such as salons, massage therapy shops, financial institutions and so on. See if you can put a table up for a week with 3 of your finest marketing items on it in addition to some magazines, fliers, vouchers, and your calling cards. Keep a basket on the table for any kind of orders you can act on. Give the shopkeeper or supervisor a free present (product) for allowing you to do this.

7. Call area pizza stores, restaurants, delicatessen’s and coffee/bagel shops regarding advertising and marketing on their paper placemats! Consumers do check out those advertisements!

8. Call city bars, clubs as well as dining establishments to see about advertising and marketing on their paper drink coasters!

Well that’s it for Part 3 – stay tuned for Part 4 which I’ll do after New Year’s Day 2019!! Wow how time has flown. Have a Happy New Year and please be careful on the roads and have a safe New Year!

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